Did you know that according to the 2010 census, Saskatchewan produced:

  • 99% of Canada's chickpeas
  • 95% of Canada's lentils
  • 86% of Canada's durum wheat
  • 74% of Canada's flaxseed
  • 72% of Canada's mustard
  • 65% of Canada's dry peas
  • 42% of Canada's canola


And that's not all......Saskatchewan produced:

  • 61% of the world's lentil exports
  • 57% of the world's pea exports
  • 55% of the world's flaxseed exports
  • 34% of the world's durum exports
  • 34% of the world's canola seed exports
  • 40% of the world's mustard exports


Any operating farmer knows that farming is not a job. It is a lifestyle. Your dwelling, barn, stock, shop, tools, machinery and much more, should be properly protected against unforseen losses. Having a detailed and regularly updated list of your equipment is important to both you and Laird Insurance.

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To the farmers of every kind in our beautiful province .... THANK YOU!