Did you know that water damage is the number one insurance risk in Canada? Heavy rainfalls can cause damage in urban and rural communities in both high AND low lying areas. That's why SGI and My Mutual Insurance offers Water Protection Coverage which protects you from damage caused by flood, surface water and ground water. Ask us how you can protect your home today!

Insurance companies suggest the following in the event of a flood;

  • Clean up as soon as possible. Seek professional advice on how to clean up and take whatever reasonable steps you can to minimize the extent of your loss.
  • Have any appliances (including furnaces) that have come in contact with water checked by a qualified electrician, dealer or serviceman before you use them.
  • Do not touch any electrical systems or panels until you know it is safe to do so, especially in wet or damp conditions.
  • Move damaged belongings to a dry area with good ventilation.

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