Sewer Back Up

Although more common during wet seasons, a sewer back up can happen at any time. Blocked sewer connections caused by tree roots, collapsed sewer pipes or improper use of the sewer system can also cause a sewer back up.

Insurance companies do cover sewer back up, but it is not automatically included on your policy. Sewer backup coverage is optional and must be added at your request.

Your policy cover page will indicate if you have sewer back up coverage. Please make sure you check your policy to make sure you are covered if you think your home has potential for a sewer back up.

If sewer back up is on your policy, even though you are covered you should take precautionary measures to prevent any losses that may happen. Here are just a few;

  • Install a sump pump.
  • Install an automatic sewer backwater flow valve.
  • During a rainstorm, check your basement. If it begins to flood, move your belongings upstairs or to a dry area to keep them safe.
  • Keep all of your eaves troughs and downspouts clean and clear to allow proper drainage.

Unfortunately in some cases a sewer back up might not be preventable but at the very least you can minimize damage to your property with the proper precautions.

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