I have had damage to my property...

What do I do?



In the mean time,
  • Take required steps to prevent any further property damages
  • Have your homeowners insurance policy number handy
  • Keep track of all your expenses incurred for damages.
  • Make detailed notes of the incident and included the extent of damages


Keep track of damaged items!

  • Separate the damaged items from the non-damaged items in your home
  • Create an inventory of the damaged items
  • Take pictures of all items that are damaged

Your home is filled with valuable items and memories. If something has damaged your home and its contents, it can be quite devastating; but, that’s why we have insurance! To protect us from damage to our property. To get your life back to normal and resolve property damages. Dealing with your loss and filing a claim can be a stressful time but as your broker Laird Insurance is here to help you with anything you have concerns with.