I have had damage done to my vehicle. What do I do?

Please contact SGI Claim Center at:


or you can file a claim online with SGI here.

If you feel more comfortable talking to someone at Laird Insurance, give us a call at


To speed up the claim process, please have your driver’s licence, vehicle registration and, if you have one, your auto extension coverage policy number on hand. If you have been in an accident we will also need the driver’s licence number of other drivers and licence plate numbers of other vehicles involved in the collision.

Do I need to call the police?

Collisions must be reported to police if any of the following circumstances have occured:

  • If the collision results in injury or death.
  • If it's a hit and run.
  • If a driver is impaired by drugs or alcohol.
  • If any of the vehicles involved have to be towed from the scene.
  • If the collision involves a vehicle that does not have a valid licence plate or is an out-of-province vehicle.

In addition, loss or damage to your vehicle caused by vandalism, malicious damage, theft or attempted theft must also be reported to police.